Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 – Experience Completely New GamePlay

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Titanfall 2 – New Experience

Yes, you read it right!!!
If you want to play and experience a completely new GamePlay experience, go for Titanfall 2 game.

This Titanfall 2 is a single player game whose story revolves around Jack cooper. The only aim of Jack cooper in this game is to be the pilot of the exoskeleton that is mostly used at the time of war. This game was widely accepted by the players and the best part that was appreciated was the Bounty hunt of the game. Several Multiplayer modes were later introduced in the game in order to give multiple choices to the players.

This is a single player game where a player has control of both of the ends, the pilot one and the exoskeleton one. The pilot is full of mental and physical abilities that allow him or her to take double jumps, run over the walls, cloaking, etc. The pilot uses his or her expertise to move from one place to another.


Let Us Now Look At Some Things To Consider Before You Download And Start Playing Titanfall 2:

  • Ready to accept new challenges. If you are playing as a Pilot, you need to prepare yourself for the Titans that would block your way. You can increase your speed and run over the walls to move faster. This is the only way to master the Titans of the game.
  • You will be given pilot kits and special weapons in the game. Pilot gets 7 options to give the best pilot kit.

1. Cloak kit gives Pilot and open to become invisible for a limited period of time.

2. Pulse blade kit: A pilot can through this kit in air and see the pulsating sonar pulses.

3. Grapple kit to pull Pilot in the air.

4. Stim kit allows Pilot to run at a faster rate and heal his wounds for a limited time period.

5. Phase Shift Kit can be used to shift the location.

6. Holo Pilot Kit that will send the holographic image of the pilot in the battlefield and Titan will feel as if you are in the battlefield.

7. A-Wall Kit: or we can say amazing wall kit that protects the pilot and does the most harm to the titan by increasing the harming intensity of the shots thrown by the pilot. This wall protects pilot by blocking the shots of the Titan.

  • You can even increase the energy level of a Titan by adding batteries.
  • In-app purchases required to enhance the level of the game. You can purchase power boosters. There are over 12 boosters available. You can purchase anyone according to the demand of the situation. You can use these boosters as many times as you want.


Concluding Words

Titanfall 2 is the sequel to previously released Titanfall game. This game by EA publishers was released in the year 2016. It is compatible with Windows, PS4, and Xbox One devices.

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