Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II – Your All-Time Companion

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Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II is one amongst the most entertaining games inspired by the film Star Wars. As the name of this EA game suggests, this is the second game of the Battlefront series of Star Wars. Initially, this game was compatible with PSP, PS2, Windows, and Xbox platforms only. With the rising popularity of Battlefront II, soon it was upgraded for Xbox 360 as well.


Let Us Now Look At The Salient Features Of Star Wars Battlefront II:

  • This game contains all-new gaming mechanism when compared to its predecessor version.
  • In this game, entire Star wars story has been narrated keeping Imperial stormtrooper, in view.
  • Introduction of additional gaming modules like Jedi.
  • In the new game, you will see battles with some objective and mission to accomplish.
  • Some of the game ranking tools ranked this game in 80s.
  • This game also received a remarkable success just like its original GamePlay.


How Do You Play It?

If you have played its predecessor game, then you will find this game almost similar to that only. The only change that you might feel would be in the mechanics, characters and all-new missions.

The main goal of playing this game is to beat and remove the enemy from the game.

  • This game just like its predecessor game has been divided into two different eras.
  • The first era being the clone era where you get a chance to virtually play the battle game between Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems.
  • The other era, Galactic Civil War, where players get a chance to virtually battle between the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire.
  • This entire GamePlay gives 6 classes option to each player. 4 classes are standard for every player and all of these 4 classes are further divided into 2 different classes.
  • This new game also introduces heros that have the power to control the new characters from the world of Star Wars.
  • Heros are a kind of bonus which players receive only after winning or fulfilling certain terms and conditions led by the game developer.


Some Things That You Should Know About This Game:

  • This game is far beyond your expectations. If you have played earlier version of this game, then you might be expecting a little less from this new game. But believe us, it will shatter all of your expectations and give you an unimaginable experience.
  • This game will launch in November this year. Yes, the game launch was announced the previous year and now this year, it will be released on time.
  • Initially, the game will support PS4, Xbox, and your Personal computer as well.
  • If you are an addicted Battlefront II player, you would love to invest in Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition as well. This edition is available for the players as a physical copy and a digital copy.


Wrapping Up

Battlefront II is one of best EA games. If you have free time and want to spend that time with entertaining yourself, you can download this game and get an amazing experience.

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