Need For Speed
2.5 stars

Review Of Need For Speed


  • The Good

    • Download this game and get the experience of playing one of the best night racing games.
    • Amazing weather effects wouldn’t let your eyes go off it.
    • You can customize your car and design it in the way, you dreamt of driving in.

  • The bad

    • The only negative part that the players’ find frustrating is that you don’t get access to play this game offline so in case, in start playing the game and someone calls you on your mobile, then you will have to either drop the call or stop the game. There is no option to pause it.

  • Gameplay ( 6 )
    Graphics ( 4 )
    Music ( 4 )
  • Total score 4.7

Need For Speed

If you have already played Need For Speed games and many other installments of this game then, you would definitely find this Need for Speed game, the most exciting one. This game as the name suggests has speed and multiple races. A well-organized story that contains streets injected with fuel.

If you love racing, you will definitely love this game too. Once you hit the start button, you can access and drive any vehicle, as fast as you can. There is no limit. Each car moves around the Ventura Bay streets where you will find some basic to luxurious car and pass through these streets.  If you can make in-app purchases, then you can give your competitors, a tough competition. Buy some accessories, tune-up your beginner car and give competition to the fancy cars that are otherwise blocking your way.

So, it is advised to participate in the challenges the very first day you enter this game. It will give you strength and courage to be the part of this challenging race. The developer has put certain limits on the novice players so it’s quite difficult for them to win the battle. But experienced players are given services and accessories to improve their car and win the race.

In this race, you will get a chance to play just like the real race. That means, many times, you will find yourself struck in the middle of the race and get hit by other players. Sometimes you may have to face the similar kind of situation in the real-world too. You may have to cross the freeways at 200 miles/ hour.

You can mold this game and make it as flexible as you want to play. There are different kinds of racing style in this game. You can choose the area where you are the most comfortable and start your race. If you find that any particular racing style isn’t good for you then, in that case, you can go ahead with the second style.

Review Verdict

This game is one of the best games of Need For Speed series. Once your download this game, you will go addicted and won’t be able to drive yourself away from it. This game cannot be played while offline so NFS developers are taking some measures to work upon this as well.

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