Need For Speed The Run
4 stars

Review of Need For Speed The Run


  • The Good

    • Download this game and start this race to participate in one of the best races of your life.
    • Amazing visuals an video quality.
    • Once you click on the option start, you will find yourself completely involved in the game.
    • Racing across the countries is a fun to do activity.
    • Auto logging helps you to see your past history.
    • Multiple events, new challenges and much more.

  • The bad

    • The only negative aspects of this game are that heroes aren’t charmed to play with. You will not feel the same level of excitement as maintained by other NFS games.

  • Gameplay ( 7 )
    Graphics ( 8.5 )
    Music ( 8 )
  • Total score 7.8

Need For Speed The Run

Well, most of us have dreamt of traveling in the luxurious car and listening to Mind-blowing songs!!!

For this, what else can be a better destination than the American road trip?


If you are one of those who is traveling on the same boat, then Need For Speed The run is a perfect game for you. If you want to live the same experience again, then go for it. The game gives you an overwhelming experience. You will see all-new sceneries, beautiful craftsmanship and many other things on your way.


In this game, you start playing once you click on the start button option. Here, you will find yourself virtually playing as a man who just loves himself. For example, when he enters the room, he greets himself in an unanimous way. He then suddenly gets entangled in a case where mobs are after him. The case belongs to San Francisco.

He then meets with an almost life-taking accident with a car crusher. After the incident, he is given freedom to race freely in the area that is in New York but 3,000 miles away from it.

You will find only a fewer characters playing the game. We can say only 1 ½ players would be involved in the entire GamePlay.  The conversational dialogues are very less but they really mean to the game.

This is an action-packed game that promises not to disappoint the player in any way. Just like other Need For Speed games, this game will give you refreshment from the everyday’s hectic schedule. You can play this game and bid a good bye to your stress that is affecting your mental state unnecessarily. The only glimpse of the game is the sceneries that attract players and give them a chance to play in a beautiful environment.

Review Verdict

Although this game is not widely accepted by the players. Most of the players are disheartened and feel the game shouldn’t be a part of the Need For Speed series but still, there are people who love to play smooth and relaxing games that contain fewer thrills. As we just seen above there are many positive aspects of this game and only a few negative aspects that can be neglected over the positive ones.

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