Need for Speed Most Wanted for Android
4.5 stars

Review of Need for Speed Most Wanted Game


  • The Good

    • Download this game and get 100% entertainment.
    • A perfect game containing ultimate visual quality.
    • Easy to play game doesn’t irritate the players unnecessarily.
    • This is a complete thrilling game for the people who love to play adventurous games.
    • Nice environment, game designs, and much more.

  • The bad

    • The few negative aspects of this game are the god mode and police intervention. God mode takes the players in the superficial world that no longer exist. Police intervention frustrates players and forces them to quit the game before finishing.

  • Gameplay ( 9 )
    Graphics ( 8.5 )
    Music ( 9 )
  • Total score 8.8

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Are you fed up of playing single-player games?

Looking for multi-player games that can give you complete entertainment and refreshment from everyday stress, then this is the right game for you!!!

Yes, you guessed it right!! We are talking about Need For Speed Most Wanted.

This game is not much popular but it is an interesting game that can keep your energized and refreshed throughout the day. It is a small-sequel to Burnout Paradise. This game Burnout Paradise was developed on a larger scale. To grab the other players’ attention, the developer released it mini-sequel and labeled it Need For Speed: Most Wanted Game.

Previous versions of this Need For Speed series were a bit disappointment for the developer but post release of this game Need for Speed: Most Wanted, the develop felt a kind of relief.


The best part of this game that the players have liked so much is the quality of graphics used in the game. Stunning graphics and craftsmanship would definitely take your breath away. As already informed, past games weren’t that successful; this game was designed with fabulous attention in order to hold the market once again. In this game, you will get a chance to take an adventurous ride; you will pass through tunnels, and explore the new world of car racers.


The highly appreciable speed of this car racing game 150miles/hour will help you to live your dream of sitting and driving a high-speed and luxurious car. Once you start the game, you will see an introductory video showcasing how the beautiful city has been built from the ashes. Police encounter where policeman gets to stick to your car just like the flies and won’t allow you to over ahead.

This game has been divided into sections and you can easily switch from one section to another. This is a car racing race so you will get over 41 different vehicles from the time you begin your race.


Review Verdict

This game is one of the thrilling games of the Need For Speed series. When you hit the start button on this game and start playing, you won’t be able to stop yourself from playing it. It is a kind of addiction. Every game has its positive and negative aspects. You can neglect negatives over positives and download this game today.

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