Need for Speed Most Wanted For PS3
4.5 stars

Review of Need for Speed Most Wanted For PS3


  • The Good

    • Limitless options to win the competition. The best part of playing this game is that it gives an open environment to the players where they can play endlessly and have to participate in the competition without any restrictions. This open game will come up with endless obstacles and you have to clear all of those to become the most wanted racer. You can either play individually or as a team to win the game.
    • This is an online game. This game is played in online mode so you get several opportunities to pick up your car and join your friends to win the race.
    • Experience the luxury car racing aggressively. Handling luxurious cars isn’t an easy task but most of the racers dream for driving luxurious cars. Join this game and get a chance to ride the licensed cars.
    • Competition is the key to success of this game. No game can succeed and win the hearts of millions of users if it is played individually. Organizing competition is a trendy way to learn new things from your already existing game.
    • Auto logger saves your GamePlay. You can later use the recording whether for improvement of your game or for watching in spare time.
    • You download this game and start playing it.
    • You can check your ranking in the most wanted list of this game. The players getting the top ranks are the Most wanted ones so you can really work on your ranking to become the most Wanted Racer.
    • This game gives you chance to drive 35 different cars spread across the globe.
    • Speed points are used s rewards to unlock new features.

  • Gameplay ( 9 )
    Graphics ( 8.5 )
    Music ( 9 )
  • Total score 8.8

Need for Speed Most Wanted For PS3

Move faster and enjoy racing competition with your friend and family members by installing this game. This Need for Speed Most Wanted for PS3 Video Game runs in an open environment containing multiple environments in a single event. The game developed by EA Developers has won hearts of millions of players who love to play car racing games.


What Do We Mean By Open Environment?

Open environment means the game would play in an environment that is wide enough and players are free to move anytime and anywhere. You just need to identify the gaming strategy and hang out with your friends in this beautiful environment. You can hit, jump, change your beginners’ car to professional one, and surrender to the tough players where you think you cannot fight further. Develop some driving skill so that you can easily surpass the cops. This game is all about having complete fun with your friends, playing with multiple cars, and hiding from the police to escape and become the most wanted.

Review Verdict

This game contains highly-structured technology but an unstructured open environment. Both of these structured and unstructured strategies will make this game more fun and adventurous.

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