Need for Speed Most Wanted for iOS
4 stars

Review of Need For Speed Most Wanted for iOS


  • The Good

    • Download this game and enjoy playing multiple stages with luxurious vehicles.
    • Amazing video quality.
    • To earn new car, you have to accept new challenges and face the competition.
    • Navigate through the tracks and explore the racing world in a new style.

  • The bad

    • The only negative aspect of this game is that it doesn’t give the same satisfaction level to the players at a high level as that at low levels.

  • Gameplay ( 8 )
    Graphics ( 8 )
    Music ( 8 )
  • Total score 8.0

Need For Speed Most Wanted for iOS

Need for Speed Most Wanted for iOS devices is one of the most likable mobile games. This game will remind you of thrill, adventure, and excitement all-packaged in one. One of the best games ever seen in the history of Need for Speed Mobile games. You get a chance to play three lives of past, present, and future. If you love to play racer games and are looking for a lucrative car racing sport, then this game is a perfect fit for you.

It was until the development of this game, NFS games for mobile device were lagging in graphics quality but from now, developers have started thinking in this regard and have planned to work on the graphics quality as well. This is a perfect game.

In case you don’t get enough time from your everyday work schedule, you can utilize your traveling time by playing this game. Once you start playing the games on mobile, you will start realizing how fast science and mobile technology have grown to give you games like this. But when it comes to upgrading the services of the game, a player has to make certain in-app purchases and this is the only reason to why some people don’t like to spend too much on the mobile games.

Although this game doesn’t contain an open track but you can find several tracks where you can explore the new challenges and give your competitors a tough challenge. A standard race at street at 180m/hr in your lovable SUV where the police car is chasing you in the mid of the night is just a dream. Technically speaking, the all-new cars and the racing track are quite challenging for the racers. This is a must-to-play game for iPad and iPhone users.

Just log on to this game and check for the Most Wanted racer of the Game. Challenge the Most Wanted player or your friends to play this game with you and experience the real but virtual car racing fun.

Review Verdict

The previous installments of this game weren’t that challenging but this game has come with a bang. Many changes have been introduced in the new series since the previous versions fail to satisfy the players to 100%. This game is better than ever. Despite some ambiguities, positive aspects of this game can’t be overruled. Download this game and get full-time entertained.

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