Need For Speed Hot Pursuit for Kindle Fire
4.5 stars

Review of Need For Speed Hot Pursuit for Kindle Fire


  • The Good

    • Easy to download and play this game.
    • This game gives you an option either to play as a police or as a racer in the game. If you want to chase the Most wanted player then be the cop else if you want to get chased, be the racer.
    • Your level of expectations from this game should be high as it is always ready to give something new to the players and the cop.
    • Get chance to play overall 48 career events where cops enjoy playing 24 and racer get 24 career events.
    • Drive your dream car and select your favorite car out of total 20 different car.
    • Over 15 cars for the police to chase the Most wanted player.
    • Play in day, dusk or night lights according to your mood and the need of the day.
    • Three different environments to choose from.
    • Try Police pursuit mode for evasion of cops.

  • The bad

    • This game needs over 300MB speed Internet to connect properly. It is advised to have a Wi-Fi connection in your home so that you can play this game wirelessly.
    • Players who love to play this game but don’t have high Internet speed should not download the game until or unless the Internet speed is improved.

  • Gameplay ( 9 )
    Graphics ( 9.5 )
    Music ( 9 )
  • Total score 9.2

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit for Kindle Fire

Do you like police and player racing game where cops chase the Most Wanted Players to win the game?

If yes, you will definitely find this game quite easy and interesting to play with. This game will give you access to super cars so if you are playing as a racer, drive these super cars and leave the cops behind. Take your name amongst the Most wanted players to win the race.

Cops are given High-speed cars like Lamborghini intervention so that they can chase the racer without any hassle. On the other hand, racers are also given high-speed and luxurious cars that can be used to drive at locations that are quite difficult to cross.

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit for Kindle Fire is an amazing game that would definitely encourage you to go mad for it. The best part of this game is that you are not bounded to play the role of a racer or a cop. You can choose your role and play the game, the way you want to play it. This game is quite simple to play. As you win the game, you will keep getting attractive things that can be used to enhance the performance of your car. There is no defined dissimilarity between the cars but some luxurious cars do have special features that help a racer and a cop to escape and chase the race.

Review Verdict

This is one of the Need for Speed Games for Kindle users. We just mentioned that you should have good Internet connection. This can’t be considered a negative aspect as it is just an information for the players who want to play this game with speed.

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