Need For Speed Hot Pursuit
4.5 stars

Review Of Need For Speed Hot Pursuit for Android


  • The Good

    • Amazing graphics quality.
    • Easy to play the game. Can be easily played by the beginners.
    • The best part that the players liked the most is that you play as a cop and not as a Most Wanted player of the game.
    • This game is available in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese language. You can leave your feedback in case you want to play this game in your native language. Developers would attend to your feedback and try to include the language, you are most comfortable with.
    • This Need For Speed series game gives cops an option to chase players with 20 different models of cars. All of which are unique and luxurious.
    • There are total 48 events in the game for both cops and the players. You can win these events and take your rank to unimaginable heights.

  • Gameplay ( 9 )
    Graphics ( 8.5 )
    Music ( 9 )
  • Total score 8.8

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit for Android devices is one of the best Need For Speed games for Android device users. In this game, you play as a cop and get an overwhelming experience of chasing the Most Wanted players of the game. This game is almost similar to the burnout series and if you have played this series once, you might feel quite comfortable with this game too. This game is just like other Need For Speed games and you get a chance to drive your racing car on 24 different tracks. There are four difficulty levels that you can set according to your capabilities. Every track gives you an opportunity to earn stars. You can earn maximum of 3-stars per track and use these starts to upgrade your game by increasing the levels of the game.


The best part of Need For Speed Hot Pursuit is that you play as a cop and here you don’t have to run away unnecessarily. You will chase the players and give them a chance to hit the traffic that comes their way. You will be given tools to chase the players like road blockers for blocking the way of the players you are chasing. In previous versions of this game, you were supposed to reach the checkpoint before a particular time. Such a kind of features is included in this game as well. This game is quite easy to play and you will easily learn the gaming strategies and tips to master it.


The graphics quality of this game is worth praising. You will definitely get mesmerized by the graphics included by the developers of this game. The all-new shining cars and their aesthetic looks will drive you to go crazy for this game. User Interfacing is also of the top-most level. Even the beginners won’t face any hassle while playing for the first time.

Review Verdict

This game contains amazing graphic quality. Most of the players have appreciated the gaming strategy given by the developers. To get the real experience, download this game today. This is the #1 car racing game from Need for Speed Hot Pursuit series.

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