FIFA 17 – Your Only Sports Game

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If you are a sports game lover, you would definitely love this FIFA 17 sports game too. This game was released last year and soon became the favorites of many. This is the only sports and video game that uses the engine of Frostbite. This game is a single-player video game. It is compatible with Windows, PS4, and Xbox One.  If you have played the series of Mass Effect and liked its dialogues wheel, then this game will keep your spirits high. This game also features a Dialogue wheel that would never let you get bored.
This EA Game received positive reviews from the players and more and more people are liking it and increasing its active users’ count day by day.


Let Us Now Look At Some Things To Consider While Playing FIFA 17:


  •  This entire GamePlay of FIFA 17 revolves around the story of a Alex Hunter who want to play in Premier Leagues.
  • Be the superhero off the game. Learn from the challenges that come your way. Build up our team that would assist you and guide you to become a Neymar. This team will give you strength and courage to participate in the mission. You can join training courses to upgrade your skills.
  • The game is an improved one. Players will have to gather strength and stamina to grab the ball and play with it. Now the game players are smarter and they know the skills to protect the ball and hold when the opponent tries to take it.
  • You work under a team so there are more chances of improving your game score. Its not that your past experiences will help you to learn this game but your team will lead you and assist you in reaching your goal. You just have to hold the ball and let your team instruct you the next step.
  • Take penalties as a lesson. Just like other countries like England, you need to adapt yourself to penalties. Make sure this game penalty disturb your game and affect your mental abilities. You don’t just have to control your power of throwing or catching the ball and the direction where you will throw or catch but you need to look after the angle at which the ball should be thrown and with what speed?
  • This game also uses a powerful engine Frostbite. This is the same engine as used by other EA Games like Battlefield and Battlefront. That means, this engine will give you better audio and visual effects and it will make you feel as if you are playing in the real battlefield.
  • This FIFA 17 is one of the fastest growing sports games when it comes to checking its selling volume.


This FIFA 17 EA Game is one of the best sports games published by EA. Once you start playing it you will feel completely involved in the game. Its competitive stages and missions would not allow you to take your eyes off it.

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