Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 – The Best Game Ever

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Battlefield 1

Battlefield series has become one of the favorites of many. Every installment of this series would take your breath away. Battlefield 1 being the 15th installment of this game has proved it once again that EA Dice has immense potential to create something really extra-ordinary. This game is compatible with windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox one devices.

This Battlefield 1 game was positively accepted by the players and the successful results surpassed the success of the previous installment of the Battlefield series.


The Most-Talked About Features That Were Liked By The Players Included:

  • The theme of the game that was based on World War 1.
  • Ultimate visual and audio effects.
  • This multi-player game is a perfect game for spare time.


As already said, this game is based on the theme of World War 1. You get a chance to experience the historical background of the GamePlay. If you love adventure and thrill, then you will find this game, a perfect play for you.

You can virtually use the weapons that were used in WWI. Like artillery, automatic weapons, semi-automatic weapons, and much more. Despite this, new melee weapons were introduced in the game like trench club, sabres, and shovels.

The designer of this game, Daniel Berlin is very hopeful and strongly believes that the new installment will give players wider-play area, more choices, more path, and many more adventurous experiences. Unlike other games, this game doesn’t frustrate players unnecessarily. For example, in the previous installment, if a player died in the middle of the game, then the game reloads itself from that point but now in this new game, if a player dies in the middle of the game, he or she takes the duty of any other soldier playing in the game.

We can say that Battlefield 1 is one of the best games ever launched by Battlefield series. Although not easy, but you need to use your smartness and presence of mind to win the battle with your enemy.


Let Us Now Look At Few Things To Consider While Playing This Game:

  • Melee weapons use wires so you need to be careful about it. When you play and use weapons in this game, make sure you are alert all the time. You may hurt yourself while playing. Although passing through wires is important to win the battle but it is very important to take care of yourself as well.
  • You have to open your eyes all the time. If you are moving away from some uncomfortable place of the game, and come across the area of the shooters, make sure you always keep your eyes open.
  • This game gives you an option to become a squad leader. The best part of playing is this game is that this game gives you a chance to become a squad leader. You can form your team and command your team your way.


This game won many awards. For instance, Game Critics Awards in the year 2016 and was nominated for many other awards as well.

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